Mindfulness Meditation Moment
May 25 (Monday) at 7:30 pm (GMT-04:00)

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Class length
15 minutes
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HYBVT Online Mindful Moment
Monday – Wednesday & Friday 7:30 -7:45  PM
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            This is a 15-minute session designed to fit into a busy schedule. Andrea will guide you through three sequential steps. Relax and Focus, Technique Tip, Relax with Positivity.
            Her aim is to help you include a relaxing, refreshing moment toward the end of your day. If you want, once you have experience with the Technique Tip, you can repeat it during the next day for a few moments here and there. At a red light. Standing at the kitchen sink. These are called micro-hits of mindfulness, according to Shinzen Young, international mindfulness teacher and neurology research consultant.
            Feeling frustrated? Try a micro-hit. Stressed? Time for a micro-hit. Enjoying a walk outdoors? Try enhancing the experience with a micro-hit.

Andrea's Mindfulness Training
In the early 1980s, she read Jon Kabat Zinn’s book, Full Catastrophe Living, when she was in her 30s. Zinn, a molecular biologist and professor emeritus of Medicine, created Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and turned mindfulness into a household word. Andrea sought out mindfulness to relieve physical pain from an auto-immune disorder she developed while working in a stressful career as a marketing manager.
            Partially as a result of the insight and relief from stress and physical and emotional pain she gained from mindfulness practice and retreats  over 15 years, Andrea left corporate work and became a yoga teacher and yoga business owner in 2002. She studied for ten years with non-dual tantra meditation teacher Sally Kempton, a.k.a. Swami Durgananda who lived in India and studied with Swami Muktananda.
            In 2014, Andrea took up study with Soryu Forall, Founder of the Monastic Academy in Lowell, VT and student of Japanese Rinzai Zen teacher Shodo Harada. Andrea initiated daily practice and participated in seven-day silent retreats, one to four times a year.
            In 2019, she was drawn to the Unified Mindfulness practice developed by Shinzen Young, an American mindfulness teacher and neuroscience research consultant. Shinzen has a PhD in Buddhist Studies at the University of Wisconsin. He lived as a Shingon (Japanese Vajrayana) monk for three years at Mount Koya, Japan.
            Andrea participates in weekly online teachings with Shinzen, does seven-day silent retreats each year, and continues her daily practice.
            She teaches the Unified Mindfulness techniques to community and health groups, including a weekly session at the Winooski Senior Center, and has done programs for the Community Health Center and Norwich School of Nursing among many others.

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