Hot Yoga Burlington VT

YogAlign w/ Michaelle Edwards
with Guest Teacher

October 20 (Saturday)
at 12:00 pm

Class length
300 minutes

Join Michaelle for an introduction of yoga alignment promoting better health and flexibility using the exciting new principles of safe movement developed from modern evidence base concepts.  Her very popular approach has won the approval among her peers making yoga assailable for everybody enabling the practitioner to maintain a regular yoga practice into the later sages of life.

We present a 5 hour workshop on Saturday Oct 20th from noon to 5 PM.  The cost is $135 

YogAlign is . . .

  • Yoga practice for optimal alignment using painless and safe body positions and poses
  • Unique breathing techniques that tone the core and align posture from the inside out
  • Self-massage to stimulate blood flow, nourish tissues and increase kinesthetic awareness
  • Fascial freedom of the connective tissue web – a major determinant of our posture, movement and even our moods
  • Full body flexibility/strength balance techniques that simultaneously increase efficiency of muscle chains and functional ROM (range of motion)
  • Neuromuscular re-patterning techniques encoding aligned posture at the nervous system level
  • Activating the psoas/diaphragm connection for core centered movement, enhanced breathing, organ support, and emotional balance
  • Global body awareness and ability to meditate in movement directing consciousness in the present moment
  • Kindness, compassion and non-judgment towards self and others
  • Impeccable in thoughts, speech, and actions


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